Thursday, April 16, 2015

Solution For Hang In Detecting Network When Installing Kali Linux

Hang When Detecting Network Installing Kali Linux - This problem happen when I trying to install Kali Linux ( all Kali version ) in my Lenovo G460, my notebook stuck in detecting network steps. Until this steps and problem happen we can't to continue installing this penetration testing OS.

You'll see nothing button which you can choose and press it. But I'll give you an easy ways to bypass this little problem. This trick always work for me until this newest version.

When entering Kali boot options screen please Do not choose install or Graphical Install. Please choose Live to using Kali in live mode. Look at the picture :

Solution For Hang In Detecting Network When Installing Kali Linux

Wait until finish booting process.Go to Application then System Tools. You'll see Install Kali Linux menu icon in list menu. Select that to start installing Kali. Please look at picture for more details :

Solution For Hang In Detecting Network When Installing Kali Linux

You'll start to installing Kali. And when Detecting Network Hardware, stuck / freeze is not appear. Happy installing Kali into your machine without stuck in detecting network hardware

After you've finished installation process, maybe you should to install some application to support your work using Kali. Here I recommend some application to install to your Kali :

That's all I can write how to fixing stuck in detecting network when installing Kali Linux. Hope this article help you. Thanks for visit, have a nice day!

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6 Responses to "Solution For Hang In Detecting Network When Installing Kali Linux"

  1. Finally, I got it. Thanks tiwo for nice post.

  2. He tiwo satriatama,
    I have problem when installing grub loader. I was reading on kali forum but nothing work for me. could you help me?

    1. I've 2 recommend you can try :
      1. If your bios machine is UEFI, change to Legacy boot only or Both enable with Legacy Boot first
      2. Using internet connection when installing.
      Hope help you.

  3. wait for install this on android