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View And Manipulate Exif Metadata Image Files Using ExifTool

View And Manipulate Metadata Image Files Using ExifTool - ExifTool is a customize-able set of Perl modules plus a full-featured application for reading and writing meta information in a wide variety of files.

Including the maker note information of many digital cameras by various manufacturers such as Canon, Casio, FujiFilm, GE, HP, JVC/Victor, Kodak, Leaf, Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica, Pentax/Asahi, Reconyx, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma/Foveon and Sony.

Below is a list of file types and meta information formats currently supported by ExifTool ( r = read, w = write, c = create ):

File Types
      3FR   r     | DVB   r     | M2TS  r     | PAGES r     | RWL   r/w
      3G2   r     | DYLIB r     | M4A/V r     | PBM   r/w   | RWZ   r
      3GP   r     | EIP   r     | MEF   r/w   | PDF   r/w   | RM    r
      ACR   r     | EPS   r/w   | MIE   r/w/c | PEF   r/w   | SO    r
      AFM   r     | ERF   r/w   | MIFF  r     | PFA   r     | SR2   r/w
      AI    r/w   | EXE   r     | MKA   r     | PFB   r     | SRF   r
      AIFF  r     | EXIF  r/w/c | MKS   r     | PFM   r     | SRW   r/w
      APE   r     | F4A/V r     | MKV   r     | PGM   r/w   | SVG   r
      ARW   r/w   | FLA   r     | MNG   r/w   | PICT  r     | SWF   r
      ASF   r     | FLAC  r     | MOS   r/w   | PMP   r     | THM   r/w
      AVI   r     | FLV   r     | MOV   r     | PNG   r/w   | TIFF  r/w
      BMP   r     | FPX   r     | MP3   r     | PPM   r/w   | TTC   r
      BTF   r     | GIF   r/w   | MP4   r     | PPT   r     | TTF   r
      COS   r     | GZ    r     | MPC   r     | PPTX  r     | VRD   r/w/c
      CR2   r/w   | HDP   r/w   | MPG   r     | PS    r/w   | WAV   r
      CRW   r/w   | HTML  r     | MPO   r/w   | PSB   r/w   | WDP   r/w
      CS1   r/w   | ICC   r/w/c | MQV   r     | PSD   r/w   | WMA   r
      DCM   r     | IIQ   r     | MRW   r/w   | PSP   r     | WMV   r
      DCP   r/w   | IND   r/w   | NEF   r/w   | QTIF  r     | X3F   r
      DCR   r     | ITC   r     | NRW   r/w   | RA    r     | XLS   r
      DFONT r     | JNG   r/w   | NUMBERS r   | RAF   r/w   | XLSX  r
      DIVX  r     | JP2   r/w   | ODP   r     | RAM   r     | XMP   r/w/c
      DJVU  r     | JPEG  r/w   | ODS   r     | RAW   r/w   | ZIP   r
      DLL   r     | K25   r     | ODT   r     | RIFF  r     |
      DNG   r/w   | KDC   r     | OGG   r     | RSRC  r     |
      DOC   r     | KEY   r     | ORF   r/w   | RTF   r     |
      DOCX  r     | LNK   r     | OTF   r     | RW2   r/w   |

Meta Information
      EXIF           r/w/c  |  Kodak Meta     r/w  |  Adobe APP14    r
      GPS            r/w/c  |  PhotoMechanic  r/w  |  MPF            r
      IPTC           r/w/c  |  JPEG 2000      r    |  Stim           r
      XMP            r/w/c  |  DICOM          r    |  APE            r
      MakerNotes     r/w/c  |  Flash          r    |  Vorbis         r
      Photoshop IRB  r/w/c  |  FlashPix       r    |  SPIFF          r
      ICC Profile    r/w/c  |  QuickTime      r    |  DjVu           r
      MIE            r/w/c  |  Matroska       r    |  M2TS           r
      JFIF           r/w/c  |  GeoTIFF        r    |  PE/COFF        r
      Ducky APP12    r/w/c  |  PrintIM        r    |  AVCHD          r
      PDF            r/w/c  |  ID3            r    |  ZIP            r
      CIFF           r/w    |  Ricoh RMETA    r    |  (and more)
      AFCP           r/w    |  Picture Info   r    |

How To View Image Exif Metadata

Exiftol is a fleksible tools. The command below nukes all EXIF metadata in a photo in one fell swoop ( replace LinuxSlaves.jpg with the actual file name ) :

exiftool LinuxSlaves.jpg

You'll see exif metadata. In this case, here's the output by run that commad :

View Exif Metadata Image in Linux

Explanantion :
No 1 - Option using exiftool
No 2 - File modification date
No 3 - Camera model when the pics taken
No 4 - Applications for edit/created this file

Also on Linuxslaves :

How To Manipulate Image Exif Metadata

#1 Make image with a comment

We can embed comment to our photos. You must add option -Comment=your comment. Follow this command below :

# exiftool IMG_3357.jpg 
    1 image files updated

Success! Look this picture for more details :

Manipulate Exif Metadata Image in Linux

#2 Remove, Change Images Copyright

Please careful ! For second point of second tutorials manipulate exif metadata is information and education purpose only. Read Disclaimer this site for more details. So please use this tools in smart. Oke, here's the command :

# exiftool -Copyright= IMG_3357.jpg
    1 image files updated
# exiftool -Copyright=LinuxSlaves IMG_3357.jpg
    1 image files updated

This screenshot will tell you the output from those command :

Remove And Manipulate Copyright Image Using Exiftools

Explore yourself for further manipulation. I think that's all I can tell about View And Manipulate Exif Metadata Image Files Using ExifTool on Linux. Hope you've enjoyed reading this tutorial as much I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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  1. Cool tutorials. One question, is this tools has gui version? Thank you

    1. thanks george. no, it just command line.