How to Install Docky From a PPA in Ubuntu Linux

Customizing Ubuntu Desktop With Docky - One of the best part of Linux is the fact that we can customize our experience. If you interested about Mac like the dock, this post is one of best options you might choose.

To have or not to have a dock in Linux is dependent on individual preferences. Some Linux users prefer customize the desktop by install and add this application. There's many docks that are available for you. But docky is best dock I think. Docky is the powerful Dock but Light weight for System Resources.

1. Why Docky?

This things why I choose docky :
  1. Looks pretty cool
  2. It's lightweight
  3. Simple and perfect for daily use
  4. Easy to customize

2. Costumize The Docky

It is easily customize to get best looks :
  1. Costumize the dock : Go Setting, choose the avaiable options there
  2. Add application : Right Click and Pin to dock when the application opened
  3. Remove application : Click and drag out from the dock

Also on Linuxslaves :

3. How to install docky on Ubuntu

Cause installation from a PPA so add the PPA for first. To install it, you can follow the commands below :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install docky

Now open docky and feel pretty cool. This is mine :

Best Dock in Linux and how to install docky under linux

That's all I can write about best dock for Linux and how to install docky from a PPA in Ubuntu. Hope you've enjoyed reading this tutorial as much I’ve enjoyed writing it. Thanks for visiting us