Install Nylas N1 0.4.38, Clean and Modern Desktop Email Client For Linux

How to setup and use Nylas N1: beautiful email client on Ubuntu and derivatives system - If you're prefer to open an email using desktop app, this post may help you find a mail client on Linux desktop such as Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS based distribution.

They made software was built on Nylas Sync Engine with a strong focus on security, intuitive interface design, and support for all popular platforms. It runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. As a Thunderbird Mail user, I really impressed with the User Interface.

Honestly, I'm never use an email client app with modern UI such as N1 before. If you love stunning with clean design interface, then you'll gonna love this.

Best Email Client App for Ubuntu

N1 built with uniqueness. It's not just open-source or great design. Beside that, it’s extensible just like a web-browser. You can add any plugins easily. The developers can write extensions in JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Flux and Electron.

What's Nylas N1?

N1 is an open-source mail client built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Flux. It is designed to be extensible, so it's easy to create new experiences and workflows around email. This app works with most major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and Exchange.

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So the screenshot above is how N1 looke like. I'll tell you how to installing configure this cool app. Before it, let me tell you N1's Features.

Nylas N1 Features

Nylas N1, Best email client for linux

Nylas N1 is the most delightful way to manage your email. Under the hood, it's packed with dozens of powerful features. Below are some features of :
  1. Snooze for later.
  2. Enriched Contacts.
  3. Awesome themes.
  4. Tracking.
  5. Send Later with schedule messages.
  6. Send Availability.
  7. Mail Merge (Beta).
  8. Quick Replies.
  9. Useful Plugins.

How to Install Nylas N1 on Linux?

Now I'll tell you some steps to install Nylas to your Debian based system such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and derivatives distro, also available for RPM based system such as RHEL, Fedora and CentOS. 

1. Installing Nylas N1 on DEB Based System

In this tutorial, I'm using latest Ubuntu version, 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus. This deb, which weighs in at around 92,2 MB. Type and run the following command to download and install the .deb package :

sudo dpkg -i N1.deb

If you like GUI based approach, you can install it using gdebi, software center, or others package installer.

2. Installing Nylas N1 on RPM based Systems

For .rpm based system, you can get the package by running this command :

rpm -Uvh

Or run the following :

[yum|dnf|zypper] install

For Ubuntu, next open Nylas N1 from Ubuntu dash. The attached screenshot below is how Nylas N1 will looks like. They tell you a quick set up guide. Click at Let's get started.

Loading Nylas N1 on Ubuntu Linux

The second splash will displays "Open source & made for developers. Nylas N1 and the cloud sync engine are available on Github". Just press Continue button to next step.

Cloud Sync Engine Technology on N1

The last preview screen will tell you if N1 "Powered by CLoud Sync. Nylas sync your mail in the cloud. This make N1 blazing fast and is needed for features like Snooze and Send Later". Hit Get started button to continue.

Sync email in the cloud server

The next step is choosing email provider. There's Gmail or Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud,, Yahoo or simply add an IMAP/SMTP setup. See the screenshot below :

Setting Nylas N1 Email Service Provider on Linux

For example, I will select the Gmail. It will open up a new page on the default browser for me to allow N1 to communicate with the online service. You'll get this message "You're all set! Go back to N1 to finish linking your account and configuring the app".

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N1 has two layout: Single Panel and Two Panel. Choose which one you want to use. You can change this setting in view menu later.

Nylas N1 Mode Panel Setup

The final step is an option to install any of the 3 most popular official plugin by clicking install button. Click at Start Using N1 to continue.

Installing Poular Nylas N1 Plugin

Viola, enjoy Nylas N1 on your penguin desktop!.

Customizing Nylas N1

1. Changing Theme

As default, there's six themes you can use without downloading package. They are Light, Dark, Darkside, Taiga, Ubuntu, Less is More. How to change? Just go to Edit -> Change Theme. See the screenshot for more details :

How to install Nylas N1 themes

Looking for more N1 themes? You can see an extensive list ( 10+ ) of awesome themes from official site. Go Nylas N1 Themes.

2. Add Useful Plugins

How to add and install plugins on N1

You can add any plugins easily. To view list of exiting and adding useful plugins, just go to Edit -> Preferences -> then click at Plugins tabs.

3. Layout Panel Mode

You can change layouts from View menu, then choose which you want to use : Single Panel Mode or Two Panel Mode. Or enter Edit -> Preferences ->Appearance.

Sadly, they doesn't provided for Linux 32bit support. You just can install this app on x64/64-bit Linux distro based system. For Gmail users, you can try with Wmail Gmail Desktop Client App For Linux 32bit and 64bit

That's all I can write about a tutorial: How to install, configure and use Nylas N1, one of best modern desktop email client on Ubuntu. Hope you've enjoyed reading this tutorial as much I’ve enjoyed writing it and thanks for reading and visiting linuxslaves.