Hardinfo Useful GUI Application to Check Hardware Info in Linux

GUI Tools to gather hardware details on Ubuntu - Hardinfo is a system information and benchmark tool for Linux. It shows detailed system info, including hardware, environment, and kernel.

In the past, we have published some useful command line to get hardware specs, configuration, of various hadrware and peripherals. Read 18 Useful Commands to Get Hardware Information on Linux.

System Profiler and Benchmark in Linux

Hardinfo Check Hardware Info Alternatives CPU Z For Linux

Hardinfo parses some files in /proc and displays their information in user-friendly window. It's pretty easy to use. Basically there are 4 categories :
  1. Computer
  2. Devices
  3. Network
  4. Benchmarks

1. Computer

The first section including your computer or notebook info, installed OS, kernel modules, Boots, Languages, File system, display info, environment variables, and users.

2. Devices

You can easily check the hardware specs in this tab including Processor info, memory, PCI devices, USB devices, printers, battery, sensors, input devices, storage, DMU, and resources out here.

3. Network

As its name, the Network tab will help you to find interfaces, IP Connections, routing table, ARP table, DNS servers, statistics, and even shared directories.

4. Bencmarks

And the last categories in Benchmarks features. CPU blowsfish, CPU criptoHash, CPU fibonacci, CPU N-Queens, FPU FFT and FPU raytracing is ready to to use.

How to Install hardinfo in Ubuntu 16.04

Here are step-by-step tutorial to install hardinfo system profiler and benchmark in Ubuntu Linux and derivatives system:

Step 1 - Open the terminal window from dash or simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+T

Step 2 - Type and run the following :

sudo apt-get install hardinfo

Step 3 - Once installed, you can now open the tools via Ubuntu dash. Type "system profiler and benchmark" without quotes or simply run hardinfo in the Linux terminal.

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So it's all I can write about Hardinfo, a GUI tools to gather hardware information on Ubuntu Linux and derivatives system. Thanks for visiting Linuxslaves!