4 Custom LibreOffice Splash Screen Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Purple

LibreOffice Splash Screen - LibreOffice is free, open source, and powerful office suite packed with clean UI and featured by a lot of tools to help enhance your productivity.

In August 3, 2016, The Document Foundation announced and released LibreOffice 5.2. It's fresh release. For more details, you can see at previous post LibreOffice 5.2 Released See Whats New And How To Upgrade.

Custom LibreOffice Splash Screen

Today, I will show you my custom LibreOffice splash screen design. Of course it designed using Inkscape. I have 4 images for you as follow :

1. Blue Based Color

LibreOffice Splash Screen Blue Based Color

2. Orange (looks brownish)

LibreOffice Splash Screen Orange Based Color

3. Purple Based Color

LibreOffice Splash Screen Purple Based Color

4. Yellow

LibreOffice Splash Screen Yellow Based Color

Changing Intro and Splash Logo

Step 1 - Get the splash package then extract it

Step 2 - Rename the custom splash screen to intro.png

Step 3 - Backup original image

cd /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/
sudo mv intro.png old_intro.png

Step 4 - Now copy the custom splash screen image in step 2 to /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/

sudo cp /[path]/intro.png /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/

Step 5 - Open LibreOffice and enjoy!

Also on Linuxslaves :

So that's all I can write about custom splash screen for LibreOffice and how to to change the original splash. I hope you've enjoyed reading this tutorial as much I’ve enjoyed writing it. Thanks for visiting us.