Feem Alternative to Shareit For Ubuntu Linux and Derivatives System

File transfer between android and Linux - There are share link developed by Asus, Shareit by Shareit Technologies Co. Ltd for super fast transfer data and files from Android to PC or Mac, and so on. But, it doesn't work for Linux distros. Because they are no Linux client supported.

So I made this post for those who looking a ShareIt for Linux alternative in order to data sharing phone to phone, phone to computer, or vice versa between Android device and Ubuntu Linux and derivatives system e.g Elementary OS, Linux Mint or without USB stick nor active internet connection.

Installing Feem

Feem Alternative Shareit For Linux OS

Feem available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux Mac OSX, and Windows. It isn't totally free software. You should buy to get all features, avoid registration window, and popup message at the bottom of desktop client. However, the free version is work very well.

Also on Linuxslaves :

1. Android Device

Step 1 - Open the Google Play Store

Step 2 - Search "Feem v3 Lite: Wifi File Share ( without quotes ).

Install Feem v3 on Android From Google Play Store

Step 3 - Hit install button to start the installation

Linux Desktop

Step 1 - Get the Feem v3 package installer. There are 32bit and 64bit version.

Step 2 - It compressed in tar.gz, so extract the package to specific directory for first before installing the application.

Step 3 - You'll get an installer script inside the .sh file. Open terminal window ( Ctrl+Alt+T ) then run the following command :

sudo chmod +x [Feem Installer File].sh

Step 4 - Type and run the command below to install Feem into the system :

./[Feem Installer File].sh

Note : Change the [Feem Installer File] in step 3 and 4 with file installer name.

Step 5 - You can now open Feem from Ubuntu dasboard.

Wifi File Share Android to Ubuntu

It's time to send the file e.g photos, music,  documents, or videos maybe. Here are the step-by-step tutorial :

Step 1 - Open Feem Lite in your Android devices and your Linux. It will ask you for license. Simply press Cancel button to continue.

Feem License window in Ubuntu Linux

Step 2 - Please ensure your devices is connected in the same local network. You can create portable Wifi Hotspot on your Android device or the simplest way is turn on the personal Wifi as shown :

Create Local Network to Share File to Ubuntu Linux

Step 3 - Feem will automatically scan to find and pair the devices.

Feem alternative Shareit For Ubuntu Linux

Once scanned, click the device then choose send files or folder :

Step 4 - Choose files or folder that you want to send

Share files between Ubuntu Linux and Android Devices

Step 5 - It will automatically send the file to your mobile device.

Share File From Ubuntu to Android Over Wifi

That's it! The popup message indicating that file has been sent. We can also use this application to chat the scanned devices.

Chat From Android to Ubuntu Linux

Enjoy the file sharing from between android to your Ubuntu and derivatives system. Hope this post help for those who looking for similar ShareIt app for Ubuntu Linux. Thanks for visiting us!