Show Live Pressed Keyboard and Mouse Status in Ubuntu Screen

How to show keys pressed on Ubuntu Linux screen - For YouTube how to video maker, recording presentation, you will know it's difficult for your viewers to relay the keys you're pressing. So you'll need this app when recording Ubuntu's screen.

KeyMon is keyboard and mouse monitor window for GTK. It shows on the desktop indicators of current keyboard and mouse status, and updates them live when you press keys or mouse buttons.

This is handy tools for teaching, live presentation and screencasts to show the user what keys / buttons you are pressing.

Shows Key Presses On Screen In Ubuntu

Features include several different themes, scalability to any size, support for super key and mouse wheel, support for multiple mouses and keyboards.

See key-mon in action :

How to install keymon on Ubuntu

It's easy-peasy to install keymon in Ubuntu and derivatives system like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, and derivatives system. All you need to do is open the terminal then run the following command :

sudo apt-get install key-mon

Or open Ubuntu Software the type "keymon" ( without quotes) as shown :

Installing Keymon in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Once installed, you can open it via Unity dash, or Ubuntu's app launcher like synapse.

Customizing KeyMon, Keyboard Status Monitor

This app is customizable, you can change the layout through its Settings. Simply open KeyMon, then right click then choose Settings menu. There are Buttons, and Misc tab.

Also read on Linuxslaves :

Button tab contains show Mouse, Shift, Ctrl, Meta ( Windows keys ), Alt, Old keys to add more keys in KeyMon.

The second one, Misc tab is used to :
  • Swap left-right mouse buttons
  • Left+right buttons emulates middle mouse button
  • Highly visible click
  • Window decoration
  • Window backgroundless
  • Only key combinations
  • StickyKeys mode
  • App Scale
  • Key timeout
  • Mouse timeout
  • Highly visible click timeout
  • Themes
  • Keymap

That's is!

That were all to install KeyMon in order to displays keys pressed and mouse clicked on your Ubuntu's screen.Hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for visiting us!