How to Show Lyrics on Spotify Desktop App Easily

Displays lyrics on Spotify client - Spotify removed the lyrics feature from across its app both mobile and desktop after breaking ties with lyrics database Musixmatch which had previously supplied the service.

Open the browser and search manually the lyrics may taking a lot of your time. Do not to worry, you can use Lyricfier to get lyrics on Spotify desktop easily!

This app won’t be of use if you don't use Spotify. So you may want to read our previous article to learn installing Spotify in Ubuntu Linux.

Lyricfier, a Spotify Lyrics App

A music player with the ability to displays lyrics can help you learn what the words in a song. Lyricfier is an electron app that communicates with Spotify Desktop Client to get the current song and then looks for a matching lyric scraping the web.

How to Get Lyrics on Spotify Computer

The screenshot above is how Lyricfie looks like in my Ubuntu desktop.

How it works?

Refers from its GitHub project, Lyricfier retrieve the current song of spotify client using the spotify built-in web server that allow us to ask for the current status of the player.

Also on Linuxslaves :

The built-in web server could run in a range of ports starting at 4370. Lyricfier will launch multiple connections hoping find the actual port.

View Lyrics on Spotify App Ubuntu Linux

It's pretty easy, because we can directly run the app meaning no install required. Thankfully, the package app available for major operating system including Linux, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. Well, here are all you need to do :

Step 1 - Head and grab the package from its GitHub page

Step 2 - Once saved, extract the .zip package

Step 3 - Simply double click lyricfier from the extracted directory to run the app

Run Lyricfier in Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

Step 4 - Lyricfier will automatically fetch and display lyrics when you play any track

For additional information, this app has a couple of settings you can access through the Ubuntu's panel :
  • Dark theme option
  • Always on top to keep the lyrics window float on top
  • Open developer tools


That's I can write about Lyricfier, a simple way to displays lyrics on Spotify desktop app. Hope you've enjoyed reading this tutorial as much I’ve enjoyed writing it and thanks for visiting us!