Beautiful and Modern Open Source Weather App For Linux

Show Weather and Temperature Info on Linux - Need an Ubuntu application to checking weather info? Temps is great you should try! It's beautiful and smart weather app that available for major operating system including Linux, Mac and Windows.

Temps is an open source, modern and minimal menu bar application based on Electron with actual weather information, temperature, and forecast in any location around the world.

This application uses code from several open source projects. They are Electron, Menubar, OpenWeatherMap, and Chart.js.

This how Temps look like in my Ubuntu desktop :

How to Show Weather Info in Linux

Temps is Cool Desktop Weather Application For PC


  • Actual weather information for any location
  • Four-Day weather forecast
  • Interactive hourly weather graph
  • Timezone support
  • Information directly in your menubar available
  • Rain, snow and thunder animation
  • Shortcut support
  • Minimal and colorful design

Keyboard Support

  • You can use the following shortcuts for easy usage of Temps :
  • Ctrl + Shift + W : Global shortcut
  • Ctrl + D : Switch details (four-day and hourly forecast)
  • Ctrl + S : Open settings
  • Ctrl + F : Search weather for your favorite city
  • Ctrl + R : Reload application
  • Ctrl + E : Reload weather data
  • Ctrl + W : Search random city weather
  • Ctrl + G : Find your location
  • Ctrl + Q : Close application

How to Install Temps in Ubuntu Linux

Step 1 - Firstly, you need to sign up OpenWeatherMap to get free API Key to fetch weather information.

Step 2 - Head to its official site, then get the package. It's available for 32 bit and 64 bit, or run the following command through the terminal :

Linux 32Bit


Linux 64bit


Step 3 - Extract the saved .zip package

Step 4 - Double-click on the temps file inside to run the app

Step 5 - You may need to find your location. To do so simply press Ctrl+G ( just like the keyboard shortcut that listed above ).

Cheers, now you have a weather app in your Linux desktop!

If you need simpler app, we have shared simple weather indicator for Ubuntu. It will displays in the small indicator in Ubuntu's top panel.

So that all I can write about how to install Temps in order to get weather and temperature information in Linux. Hope you've enjoyed reading Linuxslaves tutorial as much I’ve enjoyed writing it. Thanks for visiting us!