Fix Unity Tweak Tool com.canonical.unity.webapps is Missing

How to fix Unity Tweak Tool can't open - If you are a Unity desktop user, Unity Tweak Tool is a must-have app for Ubuntu. Unity Tweak Tool is customization tool for Ubuntu. This application lets you to configure appearance, behaviors and configurations including launcher, panel, workspace, themes, icons, cursors, fonts, and etc.

Every time I tries to open Unity Tweak Tool in my Ubuntu, it fails to start with an error message,

"The following schema is missing
In order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you to install the necessary packages"

And here's the screenshot :

Nothing happens if you press OK button. So I write this post to solve the issue for you.

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Fix Unity Tweak Tools Schema Missing (webapps)

First, please ensure you have active internet connection to install the package and dependencies. Here are all you need to do :

Step 1 - Open terminal window, the run the following command :

sudo apt-get install unity-webapps-service

Type your password and press Y to continue the installation.

Step 2 - Once installed, you can now open Unity Tweak Tool via Unity dash

Step 3 - Violaaa!! No more Ubuntu "com.canonical.unity.webapps schema is missing" appears.

These were all I can write about com.canonical.unity.webapps is missing when open Unity Tweak Tool in Ubuntu Linux. Thanks for visiting us!