Fix Deepin Custom Wallpaper Results in Black Background - There is nothing wrong with the stock wallpapers in Deepin Linux and/or DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment). I can easily set my preferred one as wallpaper and lock screen with zero issue.

If I change the wallpaper with a custom picture, it's working perfectly. But, the app launcher, lock screen, and login screen results in black background / no wallpaper.

Here are the screenshots :

No Wallpaper in the Login Screen Deepin

No Wallpaper in the Lock Screen Deepin

I have tried moving the image to /usr/share/wallpapers and /usr/share/backgrounds but no luck.

How to Fix Black Wallpaper in Deepin Linux

After doing some research, I found that the images will be blurred once you set it as lock-screen and saved in /var/cache/image-blur. However it doesn't work with custom images.

Every time you set any custom images as lock-screen, a black images is created in the blur directory. Let's get started!.

Step 1 - First of all, move a your custom image (let's say it named cuswall.jpg) to /usr/share/wallpapers :

sudo mv cuswall.jpg /usr/share/wallpapers

Step 2 - Open file manager and head to var/cache/image-blur.

Delete Black Background Deepin

Right click on empty space > select Open in new window as admin > and remove all the black wallpapers.

Suggested read :

Step 3 - Now set the customwall as wallpaper and lockscreen :

Set Custom Wallpaper as Lock screen in Deepin

Step 4 - Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) then run the following :

cd Desktop
cp /usr/share/wallpapers/cuswall.jpg ~/Desktop
convert cuswall.jpg -filter Gaussian -blur 0x16 cuswall-blur.jpg

This will make a copy and blur the custom wallpaper on your desktop at once.

Step 5 - Rename the blurred image on your desktop to be the same name as the black image in /var/cache/image-blur as shown :

Rename Blurred Image

Step 6 - Next, move the blurred image into /var/cache/image-blur to overwrite the black wallpaper :

sudo mv renamed-file /var/cache/image-blur/

Now your app launcher, lock and login screen, looks much beautiful.

Deepin Linux Login Screen Blur Wallpaper

Deepin Linux Lock Screen Blur Wallpaper

These were all to fix can't assign custom wallpaper to a lock and login screen in Deepin. Thanks for reading!.