How to Install Unity Desktop on Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish - As most of you may already know, Unity has been the default Ubuntu desktop environment for 5 years since 11.04 Natty Narwhalup to 16.10 Yakkety Yak. Sadly, Cannonical dropped Unity and back to GNOME as the default desktop.

If you are a big fan of Unity, you can install it in Ubuntu 18.10 which is codenamed as Cosmic Cuttlefish and will be released on 18th October 2018.

Please note, 18.10 is a short-term release. It will be supported for 9 months only. If you want long-term support, go with 18.04.

Install Unity 7 on Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish

Although the 18.10 comes with slightly customized version of GNOME to match Unity in looks, a new Communitheme that recently named Yaru as the default theme, it's still GNOME.

I don't really hate GNOME, it's just not for me.

Ubuntu 18.10 Unity Desktop

Ubuntu 18.10 Unity Desktop

Ubuntu 18.10 Unity Lockscreen

Well, installing Unity desktop in Ubuntu GNOME is quite easy. Thanks to the maintainers team for keeping Unity 7 alive!.

FYI, GNOME 3.30 is still there. So you can use it in the same machine.

Step 1 - Open terminal via app launcher or simply press Ctrl+Alt+T and run the following commands :

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop

Step 2 - You'll be asked whether you want to switch to the LightDM (a default display manager for the Unity) during the installation process as shown :

Configuring Display Manager

So just use the arrow key to select your preferred one.

Suggested read :

Step 3 - Reboot the PC once the installation is complete.

Switch to Unity desktop in GNOME

At the Ubuntu login screen :
  • Click the gear icon (for those who use GDM) or Ubuntu icon (for those who use LightDM)
  • Select Unity (Default)
  • Enter your password and log back in
  • Enjoy the good old Unity desktop!

These were all how to switch from GNOME to Unity in Ubuntu 18.10. I would advise to keep GNOME since some Unity components also use GNOME. Deleting them completely may have adverse effects. Thank you!.