Meet Zafiro, Minimalist Icon Theme for Ubuntu Linux - If you want to give your Linux desktop a softer new look, this icon theme might help you out. Today, let me show you about Zafiro as one of best icon pack for Ubuntu.

Zafiro is minimalist icons created with the flat-design technique, utilizing washed out colors and always accompanied by white.

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The priority is simplicity.

Zafiro Icon for Linux Desktop

Please note, Zafiro is a relatively new, so you can expect gaps in the amount of apps the pack covers. If you find any missing application icons, you can report them to the developer via its GitHub project.

Zafiro v0.6

New app icons (29/09/2018) :
  • Mirage
  • Etcher
  • Preferences-desktop-plasma
  • Preferences-desktop-user
  • System-lockscreen
  • Ubiquity-kde
  • Smtube
  • Babe
  • Baloo
  • Kwalletmanager
  • Preferences-gtk-config
  • Preferences-system-power-management
  • Preferences-system-network-sharing

Zafiro v1.0

  • More of 300 icons for apps
  • New icons for network (panel) and volume

Install Themes and Icons in Ubuntu

Zafiro doesn't have repository, so you have to install it manually. Don't worry, installing custom icon theme in Ubuntu Linux is quite easy as follows :
  • Get the lastest release from this link
  • Extract the downloaded file
  • Move the extracted folder to ~/.local/share/icons (press Ctrl+H to show the hidden folders)
  • If you don't find the '.icons' folder, then go ahead and create it
  • Use Tweak app like Gnome Tweak Tool, Unity Tweak Tool, etc to set the icon theme on Ubuntu

If you like this icon and and want to support the development, you can donate through PayPal.