Sunday, August 25, 2019

How to Mirror Android Screen to Ubuntu Desktop With Scrcpy - A lot of people sit and work at computers all day, but they still have to check their phone for certain things. Thanks, there's scrcpy that lets you to display the Android screen on Linux without any root access.

So you can check the phone without having to constantly reach for your phone. You just need a USB connection (or over TCP/IP) and install ADB in Ubuntu.

Scrcpy runs on Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux. It focuses on :
  • Lightness : Native, displays only the device screen
  • Performance : 30~60fps
  • Quality : 1920×1080 or above
  • Low latency : 35~70ms
  • Low startup time : ~1 second to display the first image
  • Non-intrusiveness : Nothing is left installed on the device

Main Features

  • Control Android devices from Linux, Windows or macOS
  • Works over USB and Wifi (same network as your computer only)
  • Record the Android screen while mirroring
  • Reduce size resolution to increase performance
  • The device screen can be cropped
  • Mirror multi-devices in the same time
  • Drag and drop any APK to install any app
  • Disable interacting using input keys, mouse events

Installing Scrcpy on Linux

Please ensure that your Android phone is running at least API 21 (Android 5.0 Lollipop) or higher and don't forget to enable adb debugging on your device. The settings is placed in Developer options.

Control Android on Linux

Scrcpy is available as snap. So you can run the following to install it :

sudo apt install snapd
snap install scrcpy

Once installed, you can now connect the Android device using USB cable and simpy run scrcpy in Terminal window to start mirroring.


Switch fullscreen modeCtrl+f
Resize window to 1:1Ctrl+g
Resize window to remove black bordersCtrl+x
Click on HOMECtrl+h / Middle-click
Click on BACKCtrl+b / Right-click
Click on APP_SWITCHCtrl+s
Click on MENUCtrl+m
Click on VOLUME_UPCtrl+Arrow Up
Click on VOLUME_DOWNCtrl+Arrow Down
Click on POWERCtrl+p
Turn device screen offCtrl+o
Expand notification panelCtrl+n
Collapse notification panelCtrl+Shift+n
Copy device clipboardCtrl+c
Paste PC clipboardCtrl+v
Copy PC clipboardCtrl+Shift+v
Enable/disable FPS counterCtrl+i

These were all how to mirror and Control Android phone from the Ubuntu Desktop. Please share you find this post helpful. Thank you!.

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