Add Open or Edit File and Folder as Root in Elementary OS Right Click Menu

Linuxslaves - As most of you may already know, Elementary OS file manager doesn't have an administrative rights to modify files and folder graphically. Well at least out of the box.

"You can always use Terminal to open or edit them as root". Yes yes yes. Fully agree!!!. Command line is way faster than graphical user interface (GUI). But I believe, command line isn't for everyone.

Unlike GNOME files aka Nautilus on Ubuntu and its based distributions that have a plugin that can be installed via universe repository, Pantheon file manager doesn't have this.

In order to create "XYZ folder as root" or open "XYZ as root" context menu, we need to create new contract.

[Contractor Entry]

Warning! Don't modify random files as root as you may mess up with wrong files and end up with a broken system. Use it only in the cases where it's required or you know exactly what you're doing... like "Yes, do as I say!!!"

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