Ubuntu 22.10 - What's New Features and The Most Exciting Changes in Kinetic Kudu

Linuxslaves - Round-up of neat new desktop features as well as the most notable changes, applications updates, and more in upcoming Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu that ships latest GNOME as its default desktop.

As revealed earlier, Ubuntu developers picked Kinetic Kudu as Ubuntu 22.10 codename. For those who don't know, Kinetic is an adjective related to motion, while a Kudu is an african antelopeof the genus Tragelaphus.


  • GNOME 43 desktop by default

  • More applications ported to GTK 4

  • System Setting Improvements

  • Background setting is now Appearance

  • New Ubuntu Desktop panel menu

  • Long-standing Unity's windows spread

  • Pipewire is the default audio server

  • WebP support in Nautilus and image viewer

  • High resolution scroll wheel support

  • Gedit and To Do are no longer included

  • Linux Kernel 5.19 out of the box


  • Feature Freeze : August, 25

  • UI Freeze : September, 15

  • Kernel Features Freeze : September, 22

  • Ubuntu 22.10 Beta : September, 29

  • Kernel Freeze : October, 6

  • Release Candidate : October, 13

  • Final Release : October, 20


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