Meet New Ubuntu Installer - Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster Installation Walkthrough

Linuxslaves - Yes, after almost two years of development, the Lunar Lobster daily build now include the revamped Google's Flutter-built installer by default on Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster.

Previously this new installer was available via an alternate ISO while the latest daily builds are using it by default in place of the older Ubiquity with GTK interface and officially to be one of Ubuntu 23.04 what's new features.

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The standard or the minimal installation as well as opting for proprietary graphics drivers and WiFi support at install-time along with extra multimedia codecs can be selected under the Updates and other software section.

"Installation type" is, again, unchanged. It lets you to use LVM as well as encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security for those who want / need to setup full disk encryption for your Ubuntu Linux.

One addition that some users will enjoy is that it's now built-in with a light theme or dark mode. Overall, the installation workflow and functionality of this flutter-based UI is pretty much the same as with long-used Ubiquity installer.

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