Enable Desktop Icons, Folder, And Sticky Notes on Elementary OS 7 Horus

Linuxslaves - Today I'm gonna show you a neat tip for Elementary OS users that's looking an easy way to put icons on the Desktop - including application shortcuts, file, folder, sticky notes, a cute image of your cat, and even links to file or folder.

The original Desktop Folder tool hasn't updated to support the Elementary OS 7 Horus at the moment. But thankfully, we are living under the free open source software kingdom, so it was forked.

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An issue that prevented it from building on the latest Elementary OS has been fixed. Big thanks to Isaac aka calamityjoe87 for supporting Horusand share his work on GitHub repository.

Desktop Folder on Pantheon Environment

As its name suggests, Desktop Folder allows accessing folders, files, and application shortcuts from the desktop. You can add these using drag n drop and create files, folders, plus links from the right click menu.

The tool can also organize icons on your desktop into panels, which can be resized and moved anywhere on the desktop, have different colors, and arrange the icons horizontally or vertically.

Anyway, you can also use this guide on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish and Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu as far as you're using X11 not Wayland, disabled or removed the Desktop Icons extension for GNOME Shell, and install libgranite6.

There's no need to add it to your startup applications since it's automatically added. For those of who don't want to use it anymore, just remove it using "sudo apt remove desktop-folder" (without quotes ofc).

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