Full Guide To Install And Play Games From Epic Games Store (EGS) on Linux - Unlike Steam that officially supports Linux (big thanks for Valve), Tim Sweeney and the gang has no intentions of making Epic Games Launcher for Linux. I think we won't see that, at least in the near future.

Thankfully, Linux gaming is getting more interesting as the free open source community is providing better support and tools for gamers. Playing games on Linux is constantly reaching new levels.

I've previously shared how you can run EGS using Bottles. It' uses environments to help us manage and run Windows software on Linux. The Gaming Environment that comes pre-configured lets you install game stores from :

  • Blizzard

  • Epic Games Store

  • EA Launcher

  • GOG Galaxy

  • Origin Launcher

  • Ubisoft Connect

  • Enlisted Launcher

  • Star Citizen Launcher

Unfortunately that workaround is not that great. It's slow and sluggish to respond to mouse movements sometimes. In my experience, the download always failed after reaching 5GB. No resume. So I have to start from the beginning over and over.

But thankfully, we are living in the kingdom of free open source software, we always have more options than we think. And that's using Heroic Games Launcher that not only available for Linux, but Windows and MacOS.

Unlike the official Epic client, Heroic is using fewer resources, and supporting a range of tools like Wine, Proton, Crossover, DXVK, and VKD3D. Heroic uses the command line based Legendary launcher in the background to do its job.

If you're using Fedora or Debian and Ubuntu based distributions, Heroic Games Launcher is not yet in the official distribution repository. As a result, you'll need to get the package for the distribution you're using and install it manually.

Download Heroic Game Launcher