How to Remove The Shadow in Ubuntu Unity Top Panel

Ubuntu panel without shadow - It depends from person to person. Some like to use the default graphical interface and vice versa. Yep, it's totally your preference. For any reasons you may want to remove the shadow from Ubuntu's top panel.

Perhaps for those who love flat UI. See the image below :

Remove Ubuntu Shadow Top Panel

It's quite simple. Trust me! Here are the complete step-by-step things to do in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ( I'm not sure for other version. Thought, Ubuntu 14.04 and higher has the similar way as this guide ) :

Step 1 - First, create a transparent image using Gimp, Inkscape or other drawing software. The size? It's 1x12 pixel.

Export the image to "panel_shadow.png" ( without quotes ) to the specific directory, e.g Pictures.

Step 2 - Open terminal window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T, run the following :

cd /usr/share/unity/icons/
sudo mv panel_shadow.png panel_shadow-ORI.png

The commands above means to backup the original shadow panel image.

Step 3 - Now copy the exported image that you have created in first step to unity icons directory :

sudo cp ~/Pictures/panel_shadow.png /usr/share/unity/icons/

Note, change ~/Pictures with exported image folder location.

Step 4 - Once copied, logout or reboot your Ubuntu to see the changes.

Cheeers, the Panel's shadow has gone!

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These were all to remove Ubuntu top panel's shadow. Hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for visiting us!