How to Copy a Layer or Layer Group to Another Canvas in Gimp

Gimp Tutorial, fastest way to move layer to another document - Today I'll show you a simple tips to copy / move a layer or layer group to other canvas in Gimp, an open source and free image editor alternative to Adobe Photoshop for GNU/Linux including Ubuntu, Elementary, Linux Mint, etc, Mac OS X, and Windows.

You can copy a layer group easily by copying and pasting to different canvas. But it will automatically flattened / merged as one single layer. So if you want to keep it as a layer group here's the quick trick for you!

Copy and paste is the wrong approach to copy layers from one image to another, because it will only transfer the layer content, and as you have discovered that isn't the same as a layer or group of layers.

Copy Layer Group To Another Document in Gimp

The right way to move multiple layer or layer group in Gimp is as follows :
  • Select the active canvas
  • Go to layers dialog
  • Select the layer/group thumbnail you would like to copy to the other image
  • Drag the layer or layer group then drop to the target canvas

This will keep them intact, including any possible layer parasites. It's important for especially for text layers, meaning you can modify the text layer easily.

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Watch the attached video below for more detials :

So it's all I can write about a simple Gimp trick to copy layer / layer group easily. Hope this post helpful for you. Thanks for  reading and visiting Linuxslaves!