Install Vivaldi a Beautiful Browser For Your Linux

Download, and how to install Vivaldi browser in Ubuntu - Vivaldi is a freeware web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by former Opera Software co-founder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. This browser is multi platform that can run in Linux, Windows, and also Mac OSX.

The browser is aimed at staunch technologists, heavy Internet users, and previous Opera web browser users disgruntled by Opera's transition from the Presto layout engine to the Blink layout engine, which removed many popular features in the process. Vivaldi aims to revive the old, popular features of Opera 12 and introduce new, more innovative ones.

Vivaldi Browser Features

Install Vivaldi a Beautiful Browser in Linux

If you looking for other browsers alternate besides Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, you might to try this one. Let's start from the features!

1. Adaptive Interface

The Vivaldi web browser's color scheme will adapt as you browse the web, much like a chameleon adapts to its surroundings. A clean and modern look complements the content. Facebook turns the web browser blue, The Verge will make it orange — if you wish so.

2. Spatial Navigation

No need for tab-cycling through web page content anymore when you can move in every axis using arrow keys. Get anywhere on the web page fast just with your keyboard.

3. Sync

Have multiple computers that you want to keep in sync? Vivaldi Sync enables just that. Your bookmarks, history, passwords and settings can all be synchronized across different instances of Vivaldi browser through our encrypted Sync infrastructure. Coming soon.

4. Email

Your E-mail client built right into your web browser! That’s right. E-mail is still pretty important to many of us. Looking for a robust, efficient, light-weight and good looking e-mail client? You’ll find one where it belongs in Vivaldi. We call it M3. Stay tuned for updates.

5. Web Technology

One of the things that makes Vivaldi unique is that it is built on modern web technologies. We use JavaScript and React to create the user interface with the help of Node.js and a long list of NPM modules. Vivaldi is the web built with the web.

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How to install Vivaldi in Ubuntu

To install Vivaldi, first you must download the .deb package. If you prefer to download via Linux terminal using wget, so open your terminal Alt+Ctrl+T then type and run this command below :

For i386 

For amd64

Downloading proccess in Ubuntu terminal

# wget
--2015-09-07 22:36:02--
Resolving (,,, ...
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 40398404 (39M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: ‘vivaldi_TP4.’

vivaldi_TP4.1.0.219 100%[=====================>]  38,53M   612KB/s   in 1m 47s 

2015-09-07 22:37:49 (369 KB/s) - ‘vivaldi_TP4.’ saved [40398404/40398404]

After downloaded, now you can install it via Gdebi or another methods to installing packages.

Install vivaldi browser using gdebi

Once installed, open via Ubuntu dash.

Install vivaldi browser in Ubuntu

Finally see a Browser beautiful browser Vivaldi.

Install Vivaldi a Beautiful Browser in Linux

Vivaldi 1.5 stable was released. Head to whats new in Vivaldi 1.5 for more information.