Meet Alduin, Clean Desktop RSS and Atom Feed Aggregator For Linux

RSS Reader App for Linux - If you looking for clean and modern desktop RSS reader for your Linux, then you can try this one. Alduin is free, good looking, and open source Desktop RSS Reader developed by Xavier Stouder and Luca Laissue. It runs on Linux and Windows.

This app has an ergonomic, complete and easy to use interface, which will be suitable for all types of user. You can customize the UI using its system theme to create your own.

It uses Electron, React, TypeScript, and Less. Alduin doesn't sync with any web reader services, you can add nor remove RSS feeds directly from the app. Here's how Alduin look like :

Free Desktop RSS Reader for Linux

The developer behind this project say Alduin isn't actually stable and is still evolving day by day. It doens't meant you can't use the app in your Ubuntu desktop.

You can already use it to follow your feeds. But you will not see an application indicator or get any unread count on Unity launcher.

Alduin, Desktop RSS Reader for Linux

As I've mentioned earlier, Alduin available for Linux and Windows ( OSX packaged version isn't available yet because of a packaging issue but you can contribute to add it ).

Also read on Linuxslaves :

Unfortunately, there's no Linux 32bit support. It's only available for Linux 64bit based, and 32bit for Windows.

Want to give it a try? Simple head to its GitHub project page to get the package and there you can also contribute in many ways like submit pull requests, create themes, report bugs, and make a donation.