Super Flat Remix is Beautiful Icon Pack Works Great on Unity, GNOME

Flat icon pack for Ubuntu Linux - If you feel bored about the Ubuntu default icons, maybe you need to play with icons set. For flat design and looking an icon set for your Ubuntu desktop, then Super Flat Remix Icon is nice to try!.

Flat remix is a pretty simple icon theme, derived from Ultra-Flat-Icons, Paper, EvoPop and Numix-Circle icon themes.

Its design is mostly flat with a subtle use of shadows, highlights and gradients for some depth. All icons are available for use under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license.

Flat Icon Pack For Ubuntu Linux

Flat Remix has been designed specially in gnome shell 3.22 but it should work with most Linux distributions, under Gnome, Unity, Cinammon, Xfce, Kde, etc.

How to Install Flat Remix in Ubuntu

There's no PPA, so you need install this icon set manually. Please ensure you have Unity Tweak Tool to tweak Ubuntu Unity desktop. To do so, run the following command :

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

Step 1 - Well, now get the Flat Remix package from its GitHub page :


Step 2 - Once saved, extract the .zip

Step 3 - Copy or cut the extracted folder

Step 4 - Head to home then press Ctrl+H to show hidden folders in Ubuntu, then paste to .icons folder.

How to Install Icon on Ubuntu Linux Manually

You can create that folder if the directory doesn't exist.

If you prefer to use the terminal, then rung the following commands :

cd /tmp
git clone
mkdir -p ~/.icons
mv "Flat-Remix/Flat Remix" ~/.icons

Applying Flat Remix Icons

Step 1 - Open Unity Tweak Tool via Ubuntu dash, or other app launcher

Step 2 - Click Icons menu ( available in the appearance section )

Step 3 - Now set the Icons to Flat Remix as shown in the screenshot below :

Changing Ubuntu Default Icon and Theme

Cheeeers, enjoy flat icon in your Ubuntu desktop!

Additional Stuff

  • You can also support the development of Flat Remix by donating the developer.
  • The screenshot credits to Daniruiz, the developer behind this project

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